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Manhood in Therapy

Insights and challenger opportunities from a category in crisis


These aren’t happy days for men. Toxic masculinity, #meetoo and decades of entitlement have finally come home to roost, and what exactly constitutes the right model of masculinity in our woke, enlightened times is a topic of considerable (and refreshing) debate. As new definitions of covetable manhood replace the discredited old, so behaviours are changing – and the towering brand equity of incumbent male brands is crashing down. This leaves the space wide open for an exciting new generation of cause-driven male brands to define our times.

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My Bloody Vagina is Not a Wound.

There’s a critical difference between natural bleeding while menstruating and the unnatural bleeding of injury.

Period blood not only has a different look, consistency and smell, it also means something different: Menstruation is fertility and life. It’s time for cultural attitudes to menstruation to take a giant leap forward.

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Feed Your Second Brain.

How’s your gut microbiome these days? I’m talking about that 2kg smear of good bacteria, fungi, and protozoa hanging out in your intestines.

New science points to the importance of a flourishing gut microbiome in maintaining optimum physical and mental health, and new brands are leveraging old knowledge to help you and your gut stay in optimum health.

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Are agencies unintentional incubators?

It’s hard to feel an iota of sympathy for the legions of Suits complaining about how hard it is for ‘creative agencies’ these days.

But consider for a moment the thinkers and craftspeople stuck in that quicksand - confronted daily by risk averse ‘managers’, sour lemonade budgets, cocaine expectations, and slag heaps of data.

Perhaps then it’s no surprise that some of the most interesting challenger brands have been/are being conceived by agency creatives sick to the back teeth of big clients who don’t listen.

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Why Trust vanishes like a Guilty Thing

When it’s gone, it’s gone. Rejoice!   

There was genuine sadness in their eyes, and more than a hint of hurt pride. For the assembled coterie of McDonald’s executives, the maligning of their brand was simply incomprehensible. “All our beef comes from sustainable, local farms”, one of them said. “There’s only prime chicken breast in our Nuggets”, another insisted. “We give some of the most disadvantaged in our society safe jobs with decent pay and real prospects for productive lives. So why does everybody think we’re slave drivers and that there’s only disgusting gristle in our burgers?”.

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A Wolf Wakes

(Not) announcing the launch of The Craftory

The Craftory Ltd today pointedly failed to announce its launch via conventional PR Newswire. That’s because press releases are both endearingly ineffective corporate relics of the 20th Century, and because The Craftory’s target audience – those fearless CEOs and founders of the world’s boldest challenger brands – wouldn’t know what a PR Newswire was if it bit them in the derrière.

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