Categories We Love


CPG or FMCG? Call it what you will, but it’s the contents of that future supermarket that defines The Craftory’s investment universe (bricks and clicks).

There’s an urgent need for responsible innovation from the bakery to the household, packaged foods, pets, pharmacy, wellness and toiletries aisles.

The list below should give you a flavour of where we think the action is.

Please note we do not currently invest in Fashion, Apparel or Refreshing Beverages.




Food and Beverages

We want to hear from innovative brands that offer both food and beverage products together, or progressive food brands (Please note, as of Jan 2019 we’re not investing in beverage-only brands).

Health and Wellness

Good health spans body and mind: Medicines (traditional western and complimentary), diet, self-esteem, mindfulness, they’re all part of a bigger holistic picture we’re keen to explore. 



Sustainable Agriculture

We recognise that businesses with strong connections to agricultural innovation benefit from controlling their supply chain. Vertical integration is often the key to unlocking accelerated growth. 

The cannabis revolution is a great example, another is the coconut business. If you need help scaling-up, we’re ready, willing and able to assist

Beauty and Personal Care

We make no apologies for our radical approach to beauty and personal care. If you’re of a prudish disposition, prone to superstition, and wish things were more like they used to be you are not going to enjoy this.

For everyone else, let’s make this world a better place.




Olfactory stimulation: Intangible but oh so powerful. Why then is this £30Billion industry so predictable, wasteful and exploitative? Surely the scope of human ingenuity can do better.



Household Care

We demand a clean house that doesn’t poison the environment. We’d also prefer not to waste time on dubious innovations, BS claims, and needless complexity.

Pet Care

Is anybody out there? Our furry babies give us so much love and comfort, it’s time to revolutionise their wellbeing with more than just dry vs. raw. Come on, tickle us with your breakthrough business.




Blended, Multi-Category Brands

Some Righteous Causes are so important they span categories and spawn new ones. Powerful insights and genuine innovations can radically change the fundamentals of how we do business. Big ideas need heroic entrepreneurs ready to wrangle them into reality. Let’s saddle up and do this.