Health & Wellness Venture Capital

Good health and wellness spans body and mind: Traditional western medicines, complimentary therapies, diet, self-esteem, mindfulness, they’re all part of a bigger holistic picture we’re keen to explore. 

The Global Wellness Institute estimates the global wellness economy was worth $4.2 trillion in 2017, but the World Bank and WHO report at least half the world’s population cannot obtain essential health services.

The Craftory is here to help your brand positively impact this reality: Democratising access, championing self-esteem, and delivering good health to as many as possible.

The list below isn’t definitive, but it is strongly indicative of where The Craftory is looking to invest.

Brain health

Live to 85 and there’s a near 50% chance you’ll be suffering from Alzheimer’s, it’s one of the fastest growing health epidemics in the West. If that trend continues the cost of Alzheimer’s could overwhelm our healthcare systems by the middle of the century.

One ray of hope is the role good nutrition can play in reducing cognitive decline. Another is brain stimulation: Continued learning, brain training, exercise, companionship and camaraderie all play a positive role by stimulating the laying down of new pathways. The Alzheimer’s Assoc. has more here.

If your brand is leading the charge for health and longevity let’s talk.

Complementary therapies, including CBD

The more we learn about the endocannabinoid system and its role as one of the body’s master regulatory systems, the more we realise the massive therapeutic potential of cannabis derived substances like CBD.

New science focused on the endocannabinoid system combined with the legal reassessment of hemp is a great example of old and new thinking blending to create powerful and sustainable alternatives.

But hemp is not the only complementary therapy out there. What about kelp extract, red yeast rice, berberine, curcumin, even humble garlic? If your consumer brand is creating viable alternative therapies then let’s talk.

Diet optimisation

“Diets don’t work”, so what does? The answer seems to be different for each of us, with genes and lifestyle being critical factors. The truth seems to be we each have our own healthy optimum.

The danger comes when our physical aspirations falls out of whack with our genetic heritage. Rather than unrealistic ideals and dangerous fads let’s encourage a harmony of health and beauty as unique as each of us. It really shouldn’t be so hard.

Practical thought leadership like this article by John Fawkes re: dietary personalisation has the potential to inspire new consumer brands. If you are building your own radical wellness brand let’s talk, we’re all about social impact investing.

Mindfulness, positivity & resilience

As a society we need happiness, wisdom, social harmony and compassion more than ever. We’re a social impact venture capital firm (to use old words) on the lookout for brands on a positive social mission to help us all stay more positive and open.

More on the power of positive emotions via Psychology Today

Longevity, nutrition & supplements

We believe wholesome nutritionally-focused enhancers should support busy people. We want to hear about new products that help us all lead long, healthy, productive, and sustainable lives. 

We want to hear about your great tasting protein powders, superfoods, collagen, fat bombs, mitochondria, pre and probiotics, gut fungi, CBD enhanced products, moringa extracts, unpasteurised mother, intermittent fasting and poop doping … just checking you are still paying attention :)


Maintaining our circadian rhythm has never been more difficult, but eight hours of sleep a day is the best weapon in the fight against poor health. We know there’s a direct correlation between insufficient sleep and obesity, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and ADHD (to name a few).

If your brand recognises the power of sleep and is encouraging sleep health contact us. More on the connection between good health and sleep via the NHS UK.

Tech stress

There’s a dark side to the heroics of always-on multitasking: Overstimulation is bad for you. For example new research suggests a negative connection between spending time on social media and feeling socially unfulfilled. The more social platforms we participate/maintain the more stressed out we can feel.

We’re social impact venture capital. We’re interested in brands that bring a healthier structure to tech usage and help manage busy time. By way of inspiration check out the Centre for Humane Technology.