The Craftory is not another consumer venture capital fund.

Trad VC is done. We are Cause Capital.

Based in London and San Francisco, The Craftory is a $375M global investment fund focused exclusively on amplifying the world’s boldest consumer brands.

We offer permanent, early stage and growth capital (Series A, Series B etc.) to mission-driven consumer brands. We invest in companies offering products that positively impact the categories they serve, our society, and the planet.


The Challenger Brand Revolution


What makes a brand a challenger? Here are five characteristics we look for in radical consumer brands.


A New House of Consumer Brands


We’re here to solve the great challenges of our time by investing in progressive consumer brands.




Righteous Causes

What is the energy that fuels mission-driven consumer brands? We call them righteous causes and they are born of the zeitgeist: They’re answers to the fears that keep us up at night, they’re the visions that will deliver a better world.


Mission & Values

Our mission is to amplify brands committed to a sustainable consumerist model. Our single-minded focus is to invest responsibly and well, thereby proving venture capitalism with a cause is the only way forward.


Our Team

Nine expert crafters. One Craftory team, dedicated to pushing beyond traditional consumer VC.


Our Brain Trust

Exceptional individuals who guide our approach to radical impact investing.


Categories We Love


Not definitive, but strongly indicative of where The Craftory is looking to invest.


Our Investment Folio


We’re building a house of cause-driven CPG brands, lead by visionary entrepreneurs driving positive change.


Connect With The Craftory

Our golden rule to making investments: No cause, no capital.

But if you’re building a cause-driven consumer brand we’re ready to help with consumer venture capital, social impact venture capital, growth capital, consumer product and retail venture capital.

Whatever you call it, wherever you are, we are ready. Let's make a dent in the universe together.




Read Our Thoughts


Our blog comes in three flavours:

Posts categorised WHY track shifting consumer preferences and structural or procedural barriers, HOW focuses on Challenger Brand operating models, and WHAT explores trends that create Challenger opportunities. 






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