Beauty & Personal Care Venture Capital

Beauty and personal care: So glamorous, refined and exciting. But also wasteful, deceitful and unobtainable. An example:

Reuters reports the global cosmetic market alone could be worth $800 billion by 2023. And yet Zero Waste Week recently estimated that more than 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the cosmetics industry world-wide, most of which are not recyclable.

Let’s not forget the well studied negative impact on self image caused by unrealistic beauty and personal care marketing. Personal care should be just that, not an endless assault on one’s self-esteem.

Yes, some things are changing for the better but we challenge the rate of that change. We make no apologies for our radical approach to beauty and personal care. If you’re of a prudish disposition and wish things were more like they used to be you are not going to enjoy this.

For everyone else, let’s make this category beautiful and kind.


Inclusivity is a priority. We’re for all shapes, sizes, and colours. We’re straight talking snake-oil debunkers, feminists, allies, and resolutely pro gender diversity. We’re amplifying positive, inclusive brands on a mission, and actively avoiding anything less.

Society is way overdue a broadening of the beauty spectrum so as to reflect real world diversity. Let’s do this, let’s make an impact.

Edible beauty

Marine collagen is a good example of a beauty ingredient that’s shifted from injections, to topical application, to edibles. Collagen spans the union of health and beauty perfectly offering skin care, anti-ageing, gut health, wound healing and immune system benefits.

Tocos (not tacos), baobab, adaptogens, biotin, fatty acids and aloe vera all show promise. More edible beauty via NYLON.

If you’re building a successful consumer brand in this category we’re ready to help.


Society has no divine right to control female biology. Women are free to choose how to manage their fertility, how and when to use contraception, and make their own minds up when it comes to pregnancy.

Menstruation should never be demonised, frowned upon, or get in the way of a busy schedule. Everyone’s cycle is different, everyone’s flow varies. Blood is red, fertility is beautiful. The vagina is the centre of the universe. Get used to it.

We’re investing in progressive brands that confront taboos with biological facts, educate society, liberate women from embarrassment, and offer 100% reliable solutions that fit all body shapes.

Join us and make a positive impact on society.

Natural deodorants & green beauty

Efficacy has been a problem for natural beauty brands. Aluminium free deodorant has always been a classic test case for vapourware and urban myths.

Green beauty products that work have also tended to be very expensive but we are here to change all that. We want to democratise access to efficacious beauty products with traceable ingredients that don’t lead to animal or plant extinctions.

We’re here to fuel your innovation.

Harmful stereotypes

Harmful stereotypes go beyond appearance: They are negative behavioural programming that damages people and wrecks societal cohesion. Submissive females, toxic masculinity, racial profiling. It all has to end.

We invest in, and collaborate with progressive brands that communicate a positive vision of life. A reality where everyone has the potential to co-exist and prosper.

Together we CAN effect change.

Personal care

Dead set on a massive beard? Keen to care for your fabulous tattoos? What about cultivating an abundant bush or manscaping your way to bald balls? Why not live your dreams of engorged clitorises and anal stimulation?

We dare you to push the boundaries. No one has shocked us yet - we’re open and wide to receive