Fragrance Venture Capital 

Olfactory stimulation: Intangible but oh so powerful. Why then is this $38 billion industry so predictable, wasteful and exploitative? Surely the scope of human ingenuity can do better?

An example: Concerns about the bioaccumulation of synthetic musks in our ecosystem are growing. There is evidence that synthetic musks can disrupt the endocrine system in animals (including humans), thereby negatively effecting hormone balance, essential organs and the ability to reproduce.

Waft yourself in our general direction if you agree and want to do something about it.

Some fragrance basics we’re keen to see:

Sustainability please!

Do we really need so much packaging? Is is recycled and recyclable? Are natural ingredients sourced in a sustainable way? Are they farmed in an organic way? Are chemical ingredients produced in a manner that isn’t polluting? What about ethical energy use?

End animal cruelty

The fragrance industry has a long and dark history of animal exploitation be that formula testing or sourcing ingredients:

Intestinal wax from sperm whales, musk from deers, beaver castoreum, civet anal gland essence, hyrax excrement, fossilised badger urine, blood from murdered human virgins.

Do we really need to go to such ridiculous extremes to smell nice?

Nix negative stereotypes

Fragrance marketing would be certified dangerous if it wasn’t so laughable: Highly retouched men and women replaying centuries old roles: Guys are chiselled, womanising, hyper-masculine, power-obsessed jerks. Women are brainless, narcissistic, submissive sex objects. Everyone’s rich and perfectly lit at all times.

We can’t be the only ones sick of this nonsense. If other categories can be successful with positive, believable imagery of humans why can fragrance brands?