Introducing The Craftory


A revolutionary investment house

We’re an investment house as revolutionary as the challengers we back. That's investment house, not investment fund: We're permanent capital, building a new house of brands. We're not here to buy and flip quick. 


We are cause capital, counter-corporate and anti traditional VC. We’re a frontline stronghold for the next generation of fearless consumer brands. We're a gang of friends, determined to fuel growth and amplify the impact of the world’s boldest CPG challengers.

What the hell is a craft-ory?

Craftory is a fusion of two words: Craft and Factory. We chose these words because they echo our approach to investing - particularly the stage we get involved.

We don’t do startups or seed funding ...

And we’re not in competition with KickStarter (although we love those guys). We’re cause-driven growth capital. We’re focused on the run rate leap from $10M to $100M and beyond.

We target this stage because too many exciting, cause-driven businesses are failing to scale from small to medium upwards. This failure rate is bad news for everyone because cause-driven brands are what the consumers/our society/the world desperately needs.

CPG only

Right now we only work with Consumer Packaged Goods brands. This is because CPG can effect large scale positive change quickly. Billions of bad consumer choices got us into this mess - billions of better choices will get us out of this mess. There is no one solution. Every consumer has to do their bit. We’re all about offering people better choices for everyday stuff (better = more sustainable, ethical, diverse, accepting, value etc.)

In every way possible The Craftory has been designed to support CPG challenger brands grow from ‘craft' businesses to sustainable mass CPG brands without selling out or compromising quality.




Dollars, expertise, community

We’re amply funded: We’re levelling the playing field with $375M of capital to deploy.


We’re hands-on strategic and creative: We’re experts in branding, storytelling, growth platforms and supply chain. We know how to amplify your impact and spread your mission to tens of millions.


We’re a unique community of like-minded challengers and a brain trust of some of the finest disruptors around.



Why are we doing this?

Because we (and everyone else) have grown tired of phony brands that waste our time and the planet’s resources. We know there’s a better way. 


And because every rebel needs a quarterback, and every wolf needs a wolfmother.



What’s with the K9 logo?

They’re wolves, the perennial outsiders. Feared, misunderstood and unfairly demonised. The big one’s the wolfmother (that’s us), and her cubs are the brands we invest in.


We see a lot of similarities between what we do and lupine behaviour: How they hunt, what they target, their hunger, focus, and camaraderie. We’re here to take down those lumbering 20th century brands, full of weasel words and BS. Time's up for businesses and brands that hurt the planet and society for the sake of profit. In place of those zombie brands we will unleash brave new wolves with light in their eyes.   






The Craftory

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