Our New House of Brands


We're building a new house of brands for the 21st Century, strictly focused on innovative consumer packaged goods. We believe it’s critical to push CPG forward because scale and therefore change, can be achieved at pace.

We’re determined to amplify brands and products that offer regular people a better choice - better for them and better for our planet. And we’re not insisting upon perfection. We’re ready to amp anything that’s measurably better than what’s out there right now.

Over the next decade our intention is build a portfolio spanning all CPG calories, thereby connecting consumers to products that impact high priority zeitgeist issues: Those scary-big human, social and planetary problems that dominate the news, stalk our nightmares, and make us feel hopeless or guilty.




The Craftory's Righteous Causes


We need you to tune-in to our wavelength:

Our foundations are a handful of zeitgeist themes. These are the truly Righteous Causes that drive us, excite us, and stand to change our world for good.

We really care about this and feel great urgency to make change. There is no time to waste. We’re on the edge of something catastrophic. Together we must take action immediately.

And before you think we’re maxing-out on the righteous angle let’s be clear:

We are not anti-capitalists, quite the opposite TBH. But there is a new wave coming. We’re on a quest to refine an irresistible, sharable and sustainable model for growth. Doing good and making money are totally compatible. They’ve never been more in-sync. This is the spirit of our times.


If your brand addresses any (or many) of the themes listed below we'd love to talk.

Connect with us right now.

Straight away.

Do it.


1. Deliver Good Health

Enable Wholesome Nutrition

Streamline Wellness

Unlock Longevity



2. Democratise Access

Focus on Value

Eliminate Gatekeepers

Use Direct and Digital Channels



3. Progress Society

Stand for Equality and Human Rights

Debunk Taboos

Pay it Forward



4. Prosper Sustainably

Efficient Use of Resources

Responsible Energy Use

Boost Alternatives



5. Champion Self-Esteem

Promote Acceptance of Diversity

Attack Harmful Stereotypes

Support Body, Mind and Spirit



Think we've missed something important? Hit us up. We're all about visionary thinking, progress and collaboration.






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