The Challenger Revolution


1. It begins with a Righteous Cause

True Challenger Brands set out to change something radical in their category, for the better of consumers, the planet, or society. We call this 'something radical' the brand's Righteous Cause: It's their lifeblood, mission, and reason for being.


Great challengers engage positively with the issues of our time (the stuff people really care about). We like brands that have identified a problem - a villain if you will - and made it their mission to take that villain down.


We love challengers like this because, as consumers, they make us feel less guilt and more satisfaction. They give us hope. And they make a difference.


2. Disruptive Innovation

In delivering their Righteous Cause, we’re looking for innovative brands that positively disrupt the status quo.


We believe in brands that try to create cultural and moral good, that see value in things that have been discarded or forgotten, that create something genuinely useful or entertaining, or just operate in a new way such as cutting out the middleman to save everyone money.




3. Obsessive Provenance

We work directly with the charismatic founder(s) of challenger brands. We see the value in that person or small group who’ve been there from the start.


We prefer brands who stand by their story no matter what. For us it’s a good sign when challengers take extreme care and make great efforts when sourcing their ingredients or components. Rooted in a special location or built upon hard to replicate expertise? All good signs.


We love the obsessive ones, the detail orientated ones, the ones who say do it right or not at all because they’re heroic and authentic. We’re all-in and want to help.


4. Focus

We’re looking for brands that keep it simple, human, and direct.


We believe simple product lines and services are better. We’ve learned to avoid cluttered ranges with samey products or complicated offers that require a calculator to decypher. We prefer easily understood benefits over incredible claims or flimsy science.




5. Fanworthy

We’re looking for brands from outside the mainstream. Brands that prompt a polar response because they’re doing or saying something that was unsaid or unsayable.


We celebrate confident and purposeful brands and love them all the more for their quirks and inconsistencies.


We totally reject a lowest common denominator approach that tests things into blandness, because it comes off as desperate and ends up exciting no-one.






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