Our Mission


Deliver Righteous Causes, brand by brand.


When we say ‘Righteous Cause’ we’re not getting churchy, we’re talking about a brand purpose that aims to make the world a better place. We only invest in, and work with, brands that have clearly defined progressive values at their core.


Take a look at our Challenger Revolution page for more on Righteous Causes and what makes a brand a true challenger.

Check out our House of Brands page for the headline causes we care about.




Our Values



Good. Trusted. Insubordinate. Human. These are the values upon which our company was founded, and they remain our ultimate benchmarks:


Doing well and doing good

We’re passionate about building real, authentic, warm brands determined to make a positive impact on the people who chose them and the environment in which we live.


We believe that doing well & doing good come hand in hand.



Our brands are built on an all-consuming sense of mission, based on rebelling against the accepted norms used by big brands. Our brands are insubordinate in their approach and in their value promise to customers. They all set out to improve and progress their categories: renouncing corporate uniformity, removing preservatives and chemicals, focusing on natural ingredients and an ethical approach to humanity and the planet.


Trust = Preference

Consumers trust Challenger Brands with their preferences because challengers seem to understand how they live, what makes them click, what they love and hate.



We believe in the power of people, in the force of creativity, and in the uncompromising strength of being brand and business owners.


We work with entrepreneurs whose goals are aligned with ours, and do all we can to grow their reach so as to impact more people, more of society, and more of the world. We promise never to dilute, only to enhance your vision.


If forced to choose between ‘big’ and ‘relevant’, we’ll always chose ‘relevant’.






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