Sustainable Agriculture Venture Capital, including Hemp

We recognise that businesses with strong connections to agricultural innovation benefit from controlling their supply chain. Vertical integration is often the key to unlocking accelerated growth. 

Statista forecast the global market value of smart agriculture will be $23 billion by 2022. If you need help scaling-up, are looking to enhance the efficiency of your sustainable agricultural practices, want to protect biodiversity, use fresh water wisely, work with small holders in ways that benefit everyone, then we’re ready, willing and able to assist.

Here’s our non-definitive wish-list of agriculture related impact investments.

Cannabis sativa, hemp & CBD

The more we learn about the endocannabinoid system and its role as one of the body’s master regulatory systems, the more we realise the massive therapeutic potential of cannabis derived substances like CBD.

Other cannabis sativa-derived hemp products have the massive potential too: From fabrics to bioplastics, alternative packaging and building materials, the opportunities seem practically endless. But right now demand far outstrips supply.

If you’re growing a legal cannabis-based consumer facing business we can help vertically integrate your supply chain with significant longterm capital investment. We can also help with branding, retail, and internationalisation. Let’s talk.

Dairy & alternatives

We are not anti-dairy. We’re interested in anything that can help dairy farmers and brands optimise their products to be as healthy and sustainable as possible.

We are also pro choice. Some people are intolerant to dairy products. Many of us just really like the taste of nut, seed, and wheat alternatives. We’re into all of it and are making investments that positively impact sustainability, health and wellness. Reach out if that sounds like you and your brand.

Sustainable land management

We will not invest in brands that adopt exploitative or unsustainable practices. We love brands that innovate across all parts of their business - including their supply chain and approach to sourcing raw materials/ingredients.

If you’re successfully implementing sustainable land management practices such as agrivoltaics, agroforestry, agro biodiversity, EcoSan, intercropping, regenerative agriculture, SuPER Agriculture, water and soil conservation, or any other aspect of sustainable agriculture in the formulation and manufacturing of your products we’d like to know about it.

Plant power

We’re not meat-denying evangelical vegans but the sustainability of food production is a subject we can’t avoid.

The Association of UK Dieticians estimates a well-planned plant-based diet needs one third of the fertile land, fresh water and energy of a traditional ‘meat-and-dairy’ based diet:

“With meat and dairy being a leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, reducing animal based foods and choosing a wide range of plant foods can be beneficial to the planet and our health”. More

We’re here to help brands developing plant-based healthy alternatives with social impact and wellness venture capital, plus scale up, retail, and branding expertise.


A high protein diet tames hunger, which in turn helps maintain a healthy body weight. But as we know farming traditional livestock can be a significant drain on resources, and the seas are at risk of overfishing.

Our growing population presents an ever increasing pressure on resources. We need alternatives. And yes, we are open to any viable alternative from plants, to fungi and even insects.