Pet Care Venture Capital

Is anybody out there? Our furry babies give us so much love and comfort, it’s time to revolutionise their wellbeing with more than just dry vs. raw. Come on, tickle us with your breakthrough business.

Basic sustainability

These days all packing should be recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and pet care is no different.

Do our pets really care where the protein in their meals from? You may not fancy insect protein for dinner but we doubt your cat will notice the difference.

Companionship & ageing

The loving bond between pets and owners is well known. We’re into ideas that strengthen and maximise that bond for the benefit of pet and owner.

We also recognise that our pets age, just like we do, and that their needs can change over time. We’re keen to engage with businesses that are looking to improve the quality of life for animals across their lifespans.

Good nutrition

We’re open to new dietary insights, pets have a gut microbiome too after all. Just like their owners our pets need a healthy balanced diet, and just like with people there are fad diets out there for pets too. It’s important to remember a healthy human diet does not directly translate to pets like cats and dogs. We’re looking for pet care brands informed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists and underpinned by proven scientific expertise.