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Welcome to the core Craftory team, each chosen for their unique expertise as well as their ability to collaborate and guide ambitious entrepreneurs.

Creating impact and amplifying brands in alphabetical order:


Elio Leoni Sceti
Co-Founder & Chief Crafter

Urban legend has it, the first word Elio spoke as an infant was “brand”. Though in fairness, it sounds remarkably similar to “mamma” in his native Italian. 


Elio is a brand revolutionary through and through. He played a central part in growing Reckitt-Benckiser from sleepy German lap-dog to growling $40bn global brand challenger wolfdog. He has worked across 25 product categories, which his mum approvingly notes is more than he has fingers and toes. Elio leads the Craftory.


Ernesto Schmitt

Co-Founder & Arch Crafter

Affectionately called Ernie by his mum and work colleagues, Ernesto has led the charge of disruptive digital innovation since the time Mattel’s Barbie Doll turned 40.


He’s created multiple digital disruptors and sold three, and he speaks with an arresting combination of Prussian charm and Uruguayan discipline about digitally-activated brands and storytelling. Ernesto runs the Craftory.


Jamie Swango
Craft Partner

Digital Amplification & Platforms

A self-proclaimed New Yorker (though strictly from Ohio... and ancestrally, deepest Bavaria), Jamie has always been fearless in the face of unexpected challenges. It’s what made her a redoubtable Rugby player at university, Brunhilde-style. And it’s what allowed her to master the art of marketing in our digital age with Wagnerian brilliance. She does have two pet cockapoos, but to us they might as well be dragons.

Jamie helps the Craftory’s portfolio brands leverage digital technology and platforms to multiply their reach to millions. Siegfried would approve.


Jon Lunetta
Craft Partner - USA

Confusingly, Jon doesn't wear glasses. He does, however, have a far-sighted eye for challenger chutzpah, and an outstanding network of mostly bespectacled allies in the Valley.


Jon is an entrepreneur himself to the core, with multiple ventures and exits to his name. He is our Overseas Emissary to The Colonies, which he endearingly keeps correcting as "America". In turn, we keep correcting his spelling. Reach out to Jon if you're based West of Greenland.


Jonathan Miller

Craft Partner

Scale Up!

Blessed with a sense of humour as dry (and intoxicating) as a 70s Martini, Jonathan “Johnny” Miller is a Scot of prodigious intellect and laser-like focus.


Some swear they’ve heard him speak in equations. Others say beneath his coat there are wings. Either way, Jonathan leverages his vast engineering and retail experience to help our brands scale up 100x with effortless sashay. Just don’t call him Scottie.



JP Thurlow
Craft Partner

Brand, Creative & Storytelling

Award winning integrated creative director who’s sprinkled salt and glitter over countless iconic brands while working in New York, London and Amsterdam. JP works with our portfolio companies to craft their brand executions into something unique, relevant, and inspiring.


Laura Tran

As the daughter of immigrants who fled repression in Vietnam, Laura grew up knowing what it means to be different, and fighting against the odds to win. It also taught her empathy, and she's volunteered since the age of 12, working for charities helping immigrants find their feet in new worlds.

Today, she does the same at the Craftory, using her jiu-jitsu analytical skills to help our challenger brands topple their big business foes. Just don't challenge her at Vietnamese Karaoke. She takes no prisoners there.



Olivia Cramer
Deal Crafter

Cleveland, Ohio, might not conventionally be noted for its abundance of leopard-print stilettos, but then again Olivia has always had a fearless disdain for convention - be that in her volunteer work with refugee children in Calais, packing up bags and moving to Beirut to work for an NGO that helps scale-ups, or her signature choice in feral footwear. 


Olivia has a cornucopia of experience working with early and growth-stage ventures, and we’re proud to have her with us as our Deal Crafter Extraordinaire.


Simon David Miller
Craft Partner

Agile Product & Technology

Filmmaker/product inventor/recovered ex-banker, Simon is more agile than a troupe of circus contortionists. Every sinew in his body flexes user discovery and dual-track. He knows digital platforms for growth like few others. And he’s also shooting a horror movie.


Simon works with our portfolio companies to multiply their reach from tens of thousands to tens of millions of consumers. Paradoxically, he’s also charming.


Thiago Rodrigues
Senior Partner & Deal Crafter

Champ of the Brazilian Fight Club, Thiago has led deals and fought for his companies with iron fist since his early twenties. He religiously follows the Mr Miyagi school of capital deployment: ‘Wax on. Wax off’.


Thiago will get your deal done, beer in hand.


Xenia Popov

Those in the know whisper her name as YoRHa 2B, Aela, or on cloudy days, Zatanna. By age 18, Xenia already had 17 people working for her, unpaid, developing computer games to her vision. A couple of years on, she’d added a business shipping scented candles in the thousands to China.


Xenia is the quintessence of an insubordinate challenger entrepreneur. One day, Elon may well be carrying her bags.


Portrait photography by David Rowan 






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