Fashion & Apparel Venture Capital

We believe sustainability and fairness must come before fad or fashion. We know positively impacting an industry as big as fashion will have lasting benefits for our planet.

Here’s our top line:

Sustainability First

The environmental cost of the fashion industry is no secret:

Excessive water use, water pollution (textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, after agriculture).

Bio-accumulative toxic chemical use (chemical that build up in living things faster than they can be excreted … in layman’s terms, poisons).

Oceanic textile waste in the form of micro plastics from polyester (the most common fabric used for garments sheds microfibres every time you wash it).

And yet we are being encouraged to buy and bin more and more fast fashion.

We’re investing in brands that work with eco friendly organic fabrics, actively recycle, minimise their use of harmful chemicals and fresh water, choose renewable energy sources, and educate their customers on what they can do to help make an impact.

Fair Work

In recent years brands like Everlane have led the way by making their supply chain transparent and thereby proving the people working in their factories are well paid and well cared for. To us this must become the new normal.

To be clear we will not invest in any business that treats their workers unfairly, puts them at risk or in danger, or exploits young workers.

If your business is on a similar path we’d like to hear about it.


We are investing in fashion and apparel brands that are for everyone, any gender, any size. We like brands that confront out of date mores and challenge silly taboos, and promote personal choice, acceptance of difference, self expression and inclusivity.

We dislike brands that preach narrow, retrograde, and potentially harmful stereotypes, be that appearance or behaviour, objectification or control.

Check out our righteous causes, championing self-esteem is a priority for us.

Democratising Access

Brands that create access to previously restricted or overpriced products always catch our eye. We like businesses that focus on value by doing things like:

  • Reducing supply chain steps between production and point of purchase

  • Innovating simpler, cheaper, better alternatives

  • Using direct and digital channels

  • Facilitating flattering cuts for all shapes and sizes

If your business is busily democratising access reach out, we’re ready to help.

Healthy Living

What about fashion and apparel for an easier, healthy life? Simple. Multipurpose. Flexible. Flattering. Practical. We’re not talking StarTrek The Next Generation, just athliesure. There is a role for fashion and apparel to play in making peoples lives easier, and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

If your brand is innovating stuff like high tech fabrics, moisture wicking recycled threads, enhanced organics, or inventing tailoring that works with the curvy muscles and fats of the human body we are excited to know more!