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A handful of challenger brands we love, and importantly - what we think makes them so great. They scaled before we launched The Craftory, but we would have been proud to back them had we been around two years ago.


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Chosen by Xenia


Righteous Cause
Join the fight against dirty: Method believe household products should be effective without harming the environment.


Disruptive Innovation
Method reject conventional cleaning ingredients like phosphates or bleach, and instead use advanced green chemistry to create powerful safe cleaning products.


Obsessive Provenance
The Method ‘humanifesto’ states that their products must be highly certified and independently tested for human health and environmental safety. If there’s a chance that an ingredient isn’t safe they don’t use it. No animal testing either.


Household dirt in all forms is Method’s nemesis. When they say Dirty they mean more that just grime - their definition includes unsustainable business practices and unsafe ingredients. 

Great packaging design, fun colours, and exciting fragrances characterise an approach to house hold chores that says let’s make this as good and un-boring as possible. Nobody hides Method in the cupboard.





Chosen by Thiago


Righteous Cause
Sustainable and healthy. Vivo design footwear that’s healthy for your feet and healthy for the planet.


Disruptive Innovation

Vivo have a two fold innovation:

Firstly their footwear is designed to work with the natural structure of your feet to give a feel that's akin to going barefoot. They’re also a sustainable brand: 17 throw-away plastic bottles can be turned into a pair of high performance, durable shoes from their PET line.

Obsessive Provenance
100% recycled PET soles, Eco-Canvas and Eco-Suede each use 50% recycled PET. These are viable alternatives to cotton and leather. Their vegan range includes shoes made almost entirely from plants (although you might not want to try to eat them).    


Vivo believe the perfect shoe has ‘minimal interference’ with the natural movement of your feet, and is on a mission to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible.


Backed up by proven science, and expressed through excellent design, Vivo make shoes for everyone - women, men, kids … sport shoes, swim-run hybrids, climbing, walking, working, summer, winter … and are always engaged with the latest tech.



Chosen by Ernesto


Righteous Cause

When it comes to food we shouldn’t have to choose between health and taste: Halo Top ice cream achieves the impossible with dramatically fewer calories and no compromise in flavour.


Disruptive Innovation

Replacing sugar with Stevia and Erythritol is the secret. Halo Top is also higher in protein than most other ice creams, which means you feel fuller for longer.


Obsessive Provenance

Stevia (a plant from Paraguay that has been used for over 200 years as an alternative to sugar). Erythritol (a zero calorie sugar alcohol found in pears and grapes) is special because it doesn’t affect blood glucose (important for diabetes sufferers).



280 Calories per pint across 24 desirable flavours.
Dairy or no dairy? It’s an easy choice.



It’s ice cream - it comes in a pint tub with a circular gold lid - classic brand semiotics with bold colours that obviously match the ingredients. This is powerful seesay with richly coloured minimalism. It feels totally contemporary.



Chosen by Elio


Righteous Cause
Glossier’s on a mission to kill the culture of beauty shaming. This is about reframing attitudes: It’s not cheating to want, use or need beauty products. It’s OK to feel better when you look better.


Disruptive Innovation
Skincare and beauty products inspired by Real Life. Glossier is constantly learning from women and develops products that match those needs. You can buy direct online only at The site is heavy on data and customer relationships.


Obsessive Provenance
Glossier grew from the highly influential beauty blog ‘Into The Gloss’, which gained insight into what women really want: Hardworking, luxury products at an accessible price. By women for women (Glossier has a 77% female employees ratio).


Three ranges: Skin, Makeup, Body. Reinvention of simple, classic product types. Users contribute to product development.


Quality inside, fuss free outside (professional minimalism). Functional, honest off-the-shelf forms. Pithy playful language. Powerful headline ingredients (no BS). Category radical representation of women. One or two showrooms focused on brand experience.





Chosen by Jonathan


Righteous Cause
Everlane "want the right choice to be as easy as putting on a great T-shirt” - they are democratising access to quality, ethical clothing by cutting out the middleman and other unnecessary costs.


Disruptive Innovation
The company believes in radical transparency - demystifying where their products come from and what it costs to make them. Every product on the website has a link to the factory where it is made to show the conditions. And even more unusually, a full breakdown of the cost of making the product as well as the profit Everlane will make.


Obsessive Provenance
Everlane visit all their factories to make sure the employees have fair wages, reasonable hours and a good working environment. They source quality materials to ensure the products are built to last.


The fashion end of clothing isn’t Everlane's space - they’re sticking to what they know they do well. Good, simple, every day clothing.


Radical transparency builds trust. A store each in San Francisco and New York boost the brand experience for the true fans of the brand!



Chosen by Jon


Righteous Cause

Babyganics make sustainable, affordable, child-safe baby care and household cleaning products that really work. Their mission is to help families raise the next generation of healthy, happy babies in a baby-safe world: “First and foremost, it has to be something parents can feel good about using around their babies. But it also has to be effective—it's no good if it doesn't work—and as accessible as possible all while keeping our planet’s health in mind”.


Disruptive Innovation

The product line is familiar and easy to understand, but each product is tested and constantly optimised. Babyganics is a company that knows persistent marginal gains on all fronts add up to something substantial: Trust.


Obsessive Provenance

The “NO” list. A combination of industry standard best practice, US, Canadian, and EU consumer protection, and their own research into plant-based ingredients, Babyganics products are carefully and transparently rid of harmful and unnatural compounds.

Clear and well-articulated values that are not only mindful of families, but mindful of the planet. High quality, toxin-free products that are accessible to parents everywhere.



Founded by a first-time dad who began formulating his own products at home, using only ingredients he felt comfortable using on his newborn. The newborn is the north star.  Practical applications designed for every aspect of baby life.



Babyganics is diverse, colourful, positive and honest. In a category dominated by monotonous cuteness, samey packaging and ever increasing prices, Babyganics delivers on the promise of providing the best possible product for babies at a price which creates accessibility for parents of any geography or income level, packed using only recycled materials.






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